Latest daily broke UDP video (working in QGC 4.0.6, not working in QGC 4.0.11)

Hi Daniel,

Upon update from previous version (4.0.6, probably sometime early November) to latest 4.0.11 daily (both android and windows are effected). Our video stops working, just says “waiting for video”.

Previously used daily and current stable works just fine with same settings.

Settings in none working(latest daily):

Working in stable:


2020-12-17 build works for me on android. Try to restart stream once QGC is listening or change resolution.

  1. You do know streams and devices vary?. What are you streaming (from)? What format? rtsp? udp? what? It is not the entire video system that is broken, it is a particular type of stream.
  2. It is not about restarting, we tried everything, as indicated once rolled back it starts to work, so it is definitely a change in QGC
  3. It is an issue across multiple units with the same setup.

I am using UDP h.264 like in your screenshots. Streaming from raspberry:
gst-launch-1.0 rpicamsrc bitrate=800000 awb-mode=tungsten preview=false sharpness=100 sensor-mode=5 ! video/x-h264, width=640, height=480, framerate=30/1 ! h264parse ! rtph264pay name=pay0 pt=96 ! udpsink host= port=5602

But as I mentioned, not all bitrates and not all resolutions work.

Where did you mention this?
Yes, I think that is the case that not all bitrates and res work. We cannot change the resolution.

did you ever solve this @pompecukor
I’m using 4.1.1 stable and I think I see the exact same problem. what resolution or bitrate did you find works?


As a matter of fact, we did not. We have 13unit with that issue with the clients. However we are not proceeding with that payload in the future. So we asked the client to never update QGC.

It was affecting both Windows and Android.
The reason we could not help track down the issue, is because all the units were deployed overseas.

Video just stopped working if they update from that September build to anything later.

Don does such great work and mostly alone, the app is free, so I am just grateful that we have it. Our new systems are running a different payload/link. It works on these. So we are fine.

I think it is some codec thing going on. As Don said, they cannot support “everything”. The only pity is that it was working and then got broke.

I am using this slightly differently with Rpanion Video Streaming from a Raspberry Pi companion computer.

On Rpanion, Streaming is setup on a web interface as:
Device: Raspberry Pi Camera (V2)
Resolution: 1280x720
Rotation: 0 degrees
Average Bitrate: 2000 kbps

Video streaming works well on an older android tablet with the latest QGroundControl daily build.

Unfortunately video streaming does not work on a Linux mint 19.3 MATE laptop with the latest daily build.
On the laptop, wireshark shows real-time transport protocol packets being received ie the video stream,
but QGroundControl video window displays the message “WAITING FOR VIDEO”.
I can see the video stream on the laptop using VLC with the same RTSP URL.

QGroundControl Application video settings on both devices are set identially.
The video settings are:
Source: RTSP Video Stream
RTSP URL: rtsp://
Aspect Ratio: 1.777777
File Format: mkv

I hope this information can be of some use.

I think we need to hear from the boss on this - @DonLakeFlyer, can you offer any info on this issue? Thanks.

Sorry but video isn’t something I know much about. There is a videostreaming channel on PX4 Slack where the video folks are. That is the best place to ask.