Latest AC3.4.1 helicopter FW Heli setup page bug !

In recent days, I try to use the latest AC3.4.1 helicopter firmware, in accordance with the steps in the process of debugging, found Heli setup page a lot of operations are invalid, such as setting the swashplate servo forward and reverse, lock tail rudder Machine forward and reverse, are invalid, the steering gear does not have any reaction. However, in the list of all parameters, find the corresponding parameters to set the steering servo positive and negative and PWM fine-tuning value, are normally valid, the problem is where?

You are referring to the Heli setup page in Mission Planer, Yes, I agree it doesn,t work. I change every thing in Full parameter list only.
Keep an eye on the new names of some parameters from fw 3.3.3 to 3.4.1. I printed out both param. files on paper and than you can compare much easier. Also some values are not changed over correctly from 3.3.3 to 3.4.1. You will find a lot of new parameters. I have changed everything and it is now working perfectly on the bench, If the weather is ok I will test first time 3.4.1 in the air.

thank you,FRED

To be clear that the problem is widespread like, I hope @tridge to see.

3.4.1 Firmware 3.3.3 firmware parameters for the change, I understand that one by one to determine the appropriate use of the value.

Look forward to your report on flight test results. Sharing, sharing experience!

I have just flown my RJX520 Heli with FW 3.4.1 an hour ago. Modes I tested: Stabilize, AltHold, Loiter, RTL, including auto landing. All those modes are nice working in a bit of a windy condition. I must say I have flown a lot ( auto missions) with fw 3.3.3 and my Spektrum DX8 TX. This time I have used my new TARANUS - PLUS with FrySky X8R RX. I have to alter settings in the TX a bit. But the AC3.4.1 firmware is without a problem for me at this stage. It was a bit risky at the first time new TX and new FW. But it went pretty well. I wish that the Heli Setup page in MissionPlaner will be fixed one day. Thanks Tridge and Randy.

Congratulations, very good news! awesome! . .

I have just got the Fuataba 18SZ new transmitter, the past few days to test the performance of 3.4.1 firmware!

PS: When you test the automatic landing, whether to open the “ground effect compensation” function? The actual effect, there is no relevant video can share!

what part doesn’t work?

I used to use the Heli setup page to reverse a servo if necessary. And that did not work in Heli setup with beta fw 3.4.RC7. That,s when I tried it last time so my test was not very comprehensive I must admit. I do not know about other features in that page not working. But zhangsir has found more I guess. I just go to Full parameter list and there I have no problems.