Lastest beta versions won’t connect via udp apsync

Latest versions of MP do not get heartbeat from nvidia tx1 apsync. I get video feed and the system connects but times out getting parameters, connects without hesitation with APM Planner and QGroundcontrol. Just wondering if I’m missing something in MP setup. I don’t remember the version when things went south but had no trouble until a couple of months ago.

confirm that windows firewall is not blocking mission planner at all. also check you are running the latest mission planner

Thanks for the reply Michael, firewall is off and latest beta MP. I think this is an issue with TX1 apsync as MP works flawlessly with Pixracer UDP, Solo and Edison apsync. The thing that makes me wonder is that the TX1 had been connecting until a couple of months ago before a few MP updates. I’ll get a post off to Peter and see what he thinks.

Cheers, Randy