Largest SD card that works on a H743?

what is the largest sd card that works in a H743? or whats the largest you have tried? will 128gb work?

32gb for me. I have a bunch of them so they go in everything.


I’d guess 32GB may be the limit. Many microcontrollers have trouble with extended file systems (beyond 32GB). I don’t have any data to support the ChibiOS limit, though. I’m sure it’s available somewhere.


Yeah, should be 32GB. exFAT isn’t enabled in Ardupilot’s ChibiOS FatFs implementation.

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Actually I have found exFAT to work but only experimenting with it. Nothing flying formatted that way. And not on a large drive but that may be irrelevant. Just tried MAVFtv and it’s functional.

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Huh, that’s interesting. #define FF_FS_EXFAT in _ffconf.h is set to 0.

…nevermind, it is set to 1 in libraries/AP_HAL_ChibiOS/hwdef/common/ffconf.h, just not in the ChibiOS fork repo. So in theory it should work with cards of any size as long as they’re using exFAT.


I have a Matek H743-WLITE and a Pixhawk 6C that both nicely work with a card of size 128 Gb.

I have not tried to fill the entire card with logs, but at least ArduPilot can write logs on these cards, and other operating systems can read them too :slight_smile:


Good to know, I plan on leaving my rover on for the next 2 months so i dont want it to run out of space.

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