Larger planes

I have a model with an all moving tail, as a 2 servo elevator, and needs mixing similar to delta mixing. but the plane still have ailerons and flaps, and rudder. So I cant use vtail mixing or Delta.

Normally I have a switch to enable or disable the mix…

Its a rather large Turbine model, so I don’t want to get anything sort of right… I really need it to work, or I would just not use the APM… Any help would be highly appreciated

currently I have retracts and flaps completely bypassing the APM. in fact other than throttle and rudder I dont know how to connect anything at all? unless I use a Y lead on aileron and a Y lead on elevator and loose all the mixing option I would like to have?

Hi Johan, interesting plane!
You can use the elevon mixer but also use ailerons. Just setup the elevon mixer on the normal output channels (channel 1 and channel 2), then setup the other output channels as ailerons using RCn_FUNCTION. An output function value of 4 means aileron, and this is the aileron output before it goes through the elevon mixer (as long as you use a “new type” elevon setup using the ELEVON_OUTPUT function).
You can use 2 separate aileron channels as well - just setup two channels with RCn_FUNCTION=4 and set their trims and ranges separately.
Cheers, Tridge

Hi… Thanks for the info… I tried but my right ailerons also move up and down now like elevator?

I attached the photo, its just a normal model jet… ( i guess ) if I use a Y lead on the ailerons. I get what your saying. then it works… Maybe I’ll just do that.

Hi Johan,
To make it a bit clearer I’ve added a new wiki page here: … functions/
Cheers, Tridge

If you can’t get it to work please post your parameter file of what you are trying, plus a wiring diagram of what you would like the wiring to be like (ascii-art is fine). Also describe how you want the channels to behave in manual and auto modes.
Cheers, Tridge