Larger Icons/Title Bar option?

Is it possible to have a setting in QGroundControl on Android to have a larger set (twice the size) of the icons used to control settings, etc.? On the larger DJI CrystalSky (7.85", 2048x1536 pixels) the top left icon to get into Application Settings is about 5mmx5mm square - very hard to press, and even harder to press the icons to the right (and press the correct one!)

On the smaller DJI CrystalSky (5.5", 1920x1080 pixels) the top left icon is about 4mm square.

Maybe a setting under General/Miscellaneous to choose between normal sized icons and double the size icons? Sure would make navigating the menus a whole lot easier.

Which versions of Android do those CristalSkys are using ?

Not sure. Will be two weeks before I can check the version info. Seems to be compatible with any of the apps I have tried (usually downloaded from apk pure web site.) As long as it does not require google services, it has run. Bing maps work great.

There was a bug on Android high-dpi screens which Gus just fixed which I believe fixes this problem.

Thanks. Will be watching out for a new daily build. Last one I can find is May 31st.

Android daily builds should be updating again.

Excellent. Google Play was up to date this morning and Apk Pure this afternoon. Look forward to testing this when I get home.

Android 5.1.1 on the larger high brightness unit. Should be the same on the other two units.

Just tried the July 17th version of the daily build. The size of the menu area seems to be some how tied to the text size. This approach does not work very well - not very visually pleasing. Only the top left box/button appears visually larger, not the whole menu bar on top.

Should not be tied to text size. The 12 point text size is perfectly readable. To get the button areas much larger requires some very unpleasant sized text. Just need the buttons bigger.

Hopefully another means can be found to make the command buttons bigger.

Can you enter an Issue with screenshots and details?

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open your issues at the QGC github