Large X8 disarm/power/logging loss in flight causing crash - Onboard log

The onboard log linked below is from a sizeable (~54lbs) tethered X8 aircraft with the following autopilot details:
CubeOrange (002D0036 34305106 37373930)
ArduCopter V4.3.0 (93448b71) – ChibiOS (66e5de0d)

Flight log link (8mb)

This aircraft has flown many flights without incident. On this particular flight the aircraft was accidentally armed in the Stabilized flight mode instead of Loiter, and the HereLink self-centering throttle stick caused an earlier-than-expected takeoff (shouldn’t be the cause of the crash). The pilot started to lower the throttle stick and at that time the aircraft was observed to lose power and fall straight to the ground. I know full lowering of the throttle stick would cause significant thrust reduction which could cause a crash, but that was not the case here.
The onboard logging also cuts out right as the pilot just started to lower the throttle.
There was no observed loss of tether power, nor the onboard backup power in the event of a tether failure.
Upon inspection of the aircraft following the crash it was still powered on with good tether power and onboard backup power.

Anything I am missing in the log? It looks like there was some Z-axis interaction logged by the accelerometers right before the aircraft stopped logging but there was not tension on the tether and the aircraft did not fly into anything.

I couldnt see any cause.
Unfortunately you dont have current logging, but there’s nothing in the voltage readings that indicates immanent disaster.
I would update to latest stable release firmware regardless.

Thank you for taking a look! I definitely will update to the latest stable release!