Large Slow boat, need help understanding DesLatAcc

Barge type boat with differential steering.
I have gone through the steps to tune for speed and turning.

This is the turn rate desired and actual:

This is the turn rate desired and actual:

I feel like the boat is pretty good at keeping up with what the controller wants. However DesLatAcc is 25 times higher than what the boat can acheive.

Unable to figure out what I can do to make this less demanding, Turn G Max is at the minimum of .1, and turn radius is at max 10.

Thanks for your time and appreciate any feedback.

Side notes:
Waypoint radius has no affect, it does not cut corners.
Pivot is off.
Just need it to counter steer earlier, before it gets to the line.
The BIN:

After looking at Nils Dohse’s BIN I saw that his DesLatAcc was smaller than mine. Went through to see what parameters were different and came across PSC_POS_P. His was lower than the “minimum” so I gave it a try. The smaller the number the better it got, went down to .006.
There is still an oscillation of the same duration but an almost manageable amplitude.
I have a feeling this is from the boat being more of a barge and less of a boat. Probably need to give it a keel so that it is more directional.

I have a hard time trying to understand why the line is more important than the waypoint. Wish you could change priority to “aim heading to waypoint” instead of “get to the line”.