Large PID's from Autotune

I was wondering if someone would look at my Autotune log file and be able to tell if the Roll and Pitch PID’s are reasonable. They seem too high from what I’ve seen, and I’m a little afraid to fly with them. I’ve recently re-built this with stronger frame due to vibration problems. Vibrations are now low and no clippings.

  • 1200mm hexacopter
  • Black Cube 2.1 (mounted on 3M tape)
  • Herelink
  • ArduCopter v4.0.3
  • T-Motor MN501-S KV240
  • T-Motor Flame 70A LV ESC
  • CF 18"x6.1
  • Tattu 6S 10,000mah
  • Total weight with batteries is 7400g
  • Photograph

This is the log file of a Roll and Pitch autotune:

I noticed with this heavier frame MOT_THST_HOVER is now at 0.60. I’m a little concerned about that sense I still have a payload to add.

I don’t think you can add any weight. In fact It’s probably under powered/over weight now. Perhaps you should consider 12S with 14-15" props.

Regarding the tune, post a log of another flight, not an Autotune log. Do some hovering and then some pitch and roll as aggressive as you feel comfortable with.

You may as well update to 4.0.5 also.

Thanks Dave.

I’ll fly again when I get some good weather and upload the log. I’m just not sure what PID’s to use. It will fly with the default’s, but flies a little sloppy. I can reduce the weight a little by rebuilding the landing gear, and maybe cut holes in the body if necessary. Also I have some 20 inch props that will fit this frame I think will help the throttle hover value.

Using eCalc I should be ok, if I’m entering the right values. There is room for improvement with weight and prop size though.