LARGE Octoquad motor failure midflight W payload

Hey everyone,

I have for your viewing pleasure a motor failure caught on video while in the air carrying 12 lbs.
(Failure 29 seconds into video)

Can anyone can tell me if the payload I am attempting to carry is to much for these motors based on data from the flight log? (LOG file contained in the google drive folder above).

My objective in this flight was to obtain vibration data and calibrate the harmonic notch filter. Then move onto manual tuning. However because of this failure and high temperatures of the motors after landing I am now questioning whether this aircraft is capable of carrying 12 lbs.

Let me know your thoughts.

Unable to tell actually
You dont have enough logging enabled to see the motor outputs

Set LOG_BITMASK,141310

And you havent described the parts used. Plug all your parts and take-off weight into ecalc and see what it says about motor loads and temperatures.
The ecalc battery weights and settings are per-cell too - a trap for young players!

I strongly suggest you update to latest stable firmware, connect to mission planner and do the Initial Parameters thing and accept any missing/different parameter values.
Enable EKF3 and disable EKF2 if that doesnt happen automatically with the firmware upgrade.

Also set these:
essential for anything bigger than a small quad or a pilot not used to taking manual control.

I would suggest a lot more testing and tuning before adding a payload. A Quad X8 shouldnt suffer very much for losing one motor if everything is within limits. Maybe the loss of control indicates motors were stressed.

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Before you make that next flight update the firmware to latest Stable and confiem EKF3 is being used. You are using EKF2 now. And you may as well set MOT_HOVER_LEARN back to default (2) so the value is saved. Of course that wouldn’t have done you any good on this flight with a motor not providing thrust. Before it quit it looks like it would be ~ .30 but more flight needed to confirm: