Large Octocopter spins CCW intermittantly

So I had some sync issues with my old ESC’s and motors, that were PROBABLY due to bad ESC settings on my part. Anyways I was scared so I got a new setup with new props, ESC’s and motors. On my first few test flights here I have been having intermittent CCW spinning of the copter. It is more or less steady in all other regards, apart from not being tuned well yet. But it will sit still for maybe 10 seconds on yaw? Then start spinning and stop after maybe 25 degrees? And rinse and repeat.

The only other notable things about the copter I can say is that it is occasionally resonating at a throttle position near hover, but it doesn’t seem to be showing up on the logs or correlated to the movement, just something you can hear.

Copter stats:
1300mm octo in the config where the front right prop is #1 and spins CW
~17 lbs
17x5.5 Carbon props
6 motors face down and 2 face up. The two facing up are both CW. All motor spin directions have been adjusted for and there are 4 CW and 4 CCW when viewed from above.
Tmotor 4014 Antigravity
Tmotor S35A ESC all stock settings.

I flew my old motors and ESC’s in this configuration before the rebuild and there was not a yaw problem with them.

The attached log shows a flight from this afternoon in ~ 5 MPH winds.

Thanks for any thoughts

I did calibrate the compass when I rebuilt, but I was using an older version of mission planner that won’t kick you back for doing a bad job, not that I think I did. I wonder if that is related?