Large/heavy plane accelerometer calibration

Hi, Anyone had experience calibrating large/heavy plane accelerometer? Is there an automotive way of doing that?

Just remove the Pixhawk or whatever FC you are using and do it outside of the vehicle.

Thanks for the response. I didn’t know that it is OK to do calibration outside of the plane.
How frequently calibration should be done? Is it OK to just do it once? Or we should do it every time before the flight?

Accelerometer calibration only once and can be done outside. But you will have to do the compass calibration inside the aircraft…

Check out the docs. Everything is described there in detail:

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Read that article, but kind of missed that we can do acc calibration out of the board. Appreciate it!

@gartfeo You can do an acc calib before installing the fc in the vehicle, for ex. on the table.
Once installed you can do Large Vehicle Calibration in Compass section, when GPS status is fixed.

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