Large Compass Offsets

My external compass offsets are quite large - X-945, Y-372, Z-765. I’ve recalbrated several times and they are always high. The compass/gyro is attached to a 3D printed platform held in place with Velcro. Are there settings in the compass/gyro that should be changed? Any suggestions to improve them.

mRo GPS u-Blox Neo-M8N BGP + Duo Mag + USB

What are the screws made of?

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Also be aware that those cheap telemetry modules have some really BAD antennas provided with them that can cause all sorts of noise in the system.

Metal. I will remove them and see what happens. Unfortunately my compass just died. It won’t calibrate and doesn’t show any movement. Even in the U-Center program doesn’t show any response. The GPS still works. I switched to the internal compass in the PX4 and it gives similar high numbers when calibrated. It’s not held down with screws. I will try recalibrating the internal compass without the telemetry turned on.


The internal compass is usually not alol that good. Although I don’t have that particular mRo unit, their equipment has proven to me to be very good. Are you calibrating the compass outside away from any metal/ manmade structures?