Landing Gear Work Flow

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using a custom retract system on copter v3.3 with good success, however after upgrading to v3.4 I’ve noticed a critical difference. In 3.3 when the copter was powered it automatically deployed the gear in a second or two, and then began it’s calibration sequence. This allowed us to power the drone, watch the gear come down (our gear takes ~1sec) and then place the drone on the ground to finish the calibration.

However, now in 3.4 it looks like it’s trying to do the calibration first, THEN deploy the gear. Which means we have to set the drone down on it’s belly and then at just the right moment pick it up so the servos on the gear down stall and burn up.

I’d like the gear to come down the moment the craft is powered… anyone know how I can do this in 3.4 and higher?