Landing gear not operating in Auto

I am running Mission Planner build 1.1.5633.31488 and firmware 3.3-rc5. I have made the following changes:

3way switch on taranis set to CH8
Retracts plugged into AUX1
Under Extended Tuning: Set CH8 to Landing Gear
In Full Parameter list RC9_Function is set to 29.

In flight I can manual cycle the retracts but cannot get any sort or auto control.

With switch in center I can arm and engage AUTO and the copter will auto takeoff and fly mission and RTH with nothing happening on the retracts. If during the mission I manually switch the retracts up and then put the switch in the center the copter will try to land without cycling the retracts down. Seems to be an inactive function. I would appreciate any insight.

I have also tried taking off in loiter mode and had no response from auto retracts. Not sure if it was suppose to work in that mode as well.

So landing gear works coming directly off of Pixhawk, cool. Didn’t work for me, but I was using older mission planer. Think ill try it, maybe, only have 1 3 way switch, and I’m using it to get 6 flights modes.