Landing gear depends on altitude


Could someone tell me if there’s any moves to get landing gear reactions depends on altitude?
This feature was supposed to be in AC 3.3 but there is not. Feature is great but I can’t get any information if there’s any progress in this case.

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Landing Gear already gets deployed when Land is active.

Regarding an height controlled raise/lower it’s a bit trickier. I did a first try but the results were inconsistent, so I didn’t push them.

Could you tell us did you investigate those inconsistents?

basically the problem was, that even with a range defined for alt to deploy/alt to retract the landing gearthe variations on the recorded height by the onboard sensors caused too many deploy/retract events, sometimes even before a retract finished the deploy command was given and we could see the landing gear going up and down while hovering. To increase the “dead zone” was a possibility, but the best way would be to build a routine that would take into account vertical velocities and heights.

You mean hovering at setpointed altitude or deploy/retract events over setpointed altitude? Hope you will deal with it one day :smiley: Thank you for your replies. I thought it can be more easly implemented.

Not even hovering, just simple flying within/around the hysteresis value would have the LGR “dance” up and down :slight_smile: