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Landing detection problem, no disarming

(Alex) #1

Heavy quad, 12S power, PH2.1, AC3.5.3.
In every flight i have strange behavior after landing, copter not disarming and periodically pulsing motors. I can disarm it only using emergency stop. Log shows rapidly changing states from “Land complete” to “Not landed”.

(Matt) #2

I can’t look at the logs at work. But I an suggest three things.

  • First, this is almost always caused by bad vibration, so have a look at the VIBE logs.

  • Parameter PILOT_THR_BHV should be 4 or 6. If you have this set for anything else, it won’t disarm on landing detection, and will instead wait for the disarm timer.

  • Parameter GND_EFFECT_COMP should be enabled.

(Alex) #3


Vibrations are quite high inflight, but not critical. At the landing phase VibeZ is below 3.

Thanks, i have missed this parameter, will try set 4 next time. But i never touched it before and never had any problems.

Enabled, check.

(Alex) #4

Setting parameter PILOT_THR_BHV to 4 solves the problem, thank you!