Landing denied during RTL/Land. Message: Precland: Failsave measures

Dear all,

my copter denies landing for RC triggered landing or during RTL. Internet search gives no answer.
Message is: Precland: failsafe measures.

Precision land is disabled…

Thanks for any help…
ArduCopter V4.2.0-dev (8a6661ee) / ChibiOS: 4e053f70 / MambaF405v2

Hi @THKoelnMech
This was a bug introduced to master because of me. Really sorry for the trouble.
I have fixed it a couple of weeks back though. Your version seems to be from 3 weeks back (8a6661ee)
Can you please rebase your branch, and update it to the latest master.

By the way, it should still land, just after 10 seconds or so…
The message can be ignored


I was just confused/curious because have never seen the message before.

I will update later…