Landing command or mode

I tested fixed wing landing pattern in real flight , it works fine.
but i need a mode or command in qgc for landing . RTL and LAND must be separate because their function is different. In RTL plane returns to home and loiter at home, but he in land must going to do_and_start.

I assume you are using ArduPilot firmware since you are posting in the ArduPilot forums. You’ll have to ask the firmware folks for that support. I’m not sure if that exists.

thanks for reply.
i use ArduPilot firmware . also i read the LAND mode page in px4 code and noticed plane land in circle but It does not look right .
in mission planner software there is a “set waypoint” command . can you use similar this to order plane to go to last waypoint (loiter waypoint before landing) ?

Not quite sure what you want. PX4 firmware has a new parameter in master builds which you can set which changes the mechanism for RTL to use the landing pattern if it exists. A landing pattern is defined as all mission items from DO_LAND_START and after.

I’m not sure if APM Firmware has a similar thing. You’ll need to ask them.

You can click on any waypoint in a mission from the Fly View of QGC and a confirmation slider should come up asking you if you want to change the current mission item. This is essentially the same thing as what you are talking about from MP.

The Fixed Wing Landing Pattern support in QGC just creates a nice landing pattern set of waypoints which also marks the DO_LAND_START.

“set waypoint” in MP is a tool to order drone to go that waypoint and resume mission. i say if possible you use similar this syntax to create a LAND button in qgc for Ardupilot code. i think no need to change Ardupilot code.

Hmm, interesting idea. A little tricky since the ground station needs to analyze the contents of the mission being flown. In general that can get messy. It’s better to keep the groundstation stupid. I’ll keep it in the back of my head.