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Landing add on to 'stick' plane to the ground

I have a plane that is well know to be a problem defying gravity. A telemaster Sr. The wing loading is so light it can actually be a problem getting the darn thing so slow down with a nitro engine at idle [ ticker speed for you English gents] to park it on the cut grass. I am going to mess a ground and set up reverse flaps… that is to say once I’m happy it’s touched ground flip a spare channel to make both ailerons go up slightly to dump lift. But as you can imagine hitting that switch at just the right moment could be a challenge. Seems like that could be written in the code as an option. When it detects it’s landed it could do so automatically. I am not able to write code that’s beyond my abilities and not sure it’s a safe possibility just thought I’d mention it.

Would Crow flaps or flaperons help to lose lift?

wow yes… that seems like it! Thanks for the info!

a lot of the early work on ArduPilot was done on my telemaster senior:
I love it as a plane:

I used flaperons for nicer landings
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I love all the room in there for the electronics!! I was at my local hobby store saw it hanging there for $110 with four hitec servos. Couldn’t resist!! I was out of this hobby for awhile I can’t believe how sophisticated the code is now it’s quite amazing…Just found out ‘auto trim’ and ‘auto tune’ very cool!! Thank you for all you have done for this hobby! You, Randy ALL the devs. Greatly appreciated! I bought the first 3DR AMP I’ll never forget the day I threw the switch and it flew itself!! I was like a 5 year old Christmas morning ha Ive been through several 3DR apms, and pixhawks. NEVER had a crash. I installed a mRo Pixracer in my telemaster. Seems VERY well made. Hope to fly it’s maiden [ with me anyway ] soon. I’ll give flaperons a try

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