Land waypoint jumps way off to africa

I am just learning Droidplanner 2 and was playing with a simple auto flight in the park next to my home. I put in 5 waypoints, number 1 being takeoff so I guess its normal for that number to come off the screen. 2-4 seem fine. I added WP5 and set is as land. I sent the plan to the copter and got the message that the waypoints were saved. Then to be sure I cleared the map of any waypoints and connected to the copter and loaded the plan. It loaded the WP’s in but WP 5 my landing waypoint was thousands of mile away in the ocean near Africa. This was concerning so I cleared everything out and did the process again with the same results. Is this due to a home position that I don’t know about? I could see this as a fly away of my copter to land.
I am not sure why my images are not working but he links are below

Look at the position, its significant. 0,0 no GPS fix somewhere in the mix there