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Land Flare Airspeed/sing rate

(Cody Remington) #1

During the flare our aircraft is slowing down below stall speed, and creating issues. We have the sink rate set to 2 (maximum allowed), and the pitch set to -5 for maximum positive. Ideally we would like to aircraft to maintain its airspeed and fly into the ground which would require a sink rate around 3-4 m/s or a -10 deg pitch angle. It does not seem like it is possible given we are at the maximum range for the wink rate and the pitch angle. Is it possible to go past these maximums, or will going outside the allowed range not work? Is there anything else that can fix this problem?


(Pompe Cukor) #2

You can of course set the target speed for final stage of lading, this includes speed after flare.
Its either in the TECS or in the LAND parameters. Not sure off hand.
Then again, you can change the bias too, toward maintaining air speed or pitch control more. You can even adjust if, how slowly it would start to try to pull up the elevator after it passes the flare point, that is based on distance in case too much speed is carried over and you don’t want to to get too far.

If you cannot find them let me know.

(Cody Remington) #3

I have the landing speed and the stall speed set the 16m/s during the flare it goes down to 14m/s.

It seems as though when the plane flares it tries to hit the sink rate, and will go below commanded and stall speed. Are you sure those params are still in effect after the flare?