Land detector with automatic disarm for 3.2 and 3.2.1

Does it work for anybody? If yes, what parameters has to be set (e.g. H_LAND_COL_MIN?)?
BTW - I’ve noticed, that there were many changes in autoland code between 3.2. and 3.2.1.
I’m wondering when this part of condition for autoland for TradHeli is evaluated as true (taken from 3.2.1):

bool motor_at_lower_limit = motors.limit.throttle_lower; ... if (climb_rate_low && target_climb_rate_low && motor_at_lower_limit && throttle_low && not_rotating_fast) ...

There is one place I’ve found in the code where limit.throttle_lower value could be set to 1/true while in the air - AP_MotorsHeli.cpp// ensure not below landed/landing collective if (_heliflags.landing_collective && _collective_out < _land_collective_min) { _collective_out = _land_collective_min; limit.throttle_lower = true; }
But, I’m not sure if there is any other place where _heliflags.landing_collective is set to 1/true