Lame Question: Should I use Mission Planner or QgroundControl For PixRacer?

Hey guys! It is me again. I know I have asked too many questions this week but I desperately need help. I used both softwares but I could not decide which Ground Station software I should use.
I classified my own Parameters like this:
Especially drawing mission plans
Parameter Referances.
and Tuning.

As I have said before I couldn’t decide so if you guys would help me it will be much appreciated. Thanks!

Mission Planner course

Which Ground Control Station to use and “which flight stack I should use” are 2 different questions. If you use the PX4 Flight stack you would use QGC (Mission Planner not compatible). If you use Ardupilot firmware you would typically use Mission Planner for configuration and calibration but you would have a choice of either MP or GQC as a Ground Station for flight.

Sorry I forgot to double check after I changed the subject. I understood that I can flash ArduPilot into it and use both of these softwares for flight. Thanks!

pretty much all my birds are Pixracer…I use MP on the bench and QGC in the field. Works great.

You are the best! Thanks a lot !