Lagg in control?

Hello all

          I am having an issue with an apm build I have going on for a mini tricopter. I have it flying but there is a 2-3 second lagg in control movements from the time I give them on my radio to the time the copter reacts and it is really throwing me off to the point I don't feel comfortable flying it.  it is also banking a bit  hard giving it a jerking motion when I move the copter not yaw but roll. As this whole apm FC is new to me I am starting off in stabilization mode for a few flights before I go acro. 

Any help would be much appreciated

Mathew h.

Are you using Copter-3.3 or 3.2.1? I suspect it’s Copter-3.2.1 so I’ll move this to the appropriate forum.

The ppm encoder is know to create lag in some cases so if you’re using that then I’d recommend replacing the receiver with a receiver that output ppmsum natively.

if RC_FEEL is set too low (like 25) it can also cause a laggy feeling response. Try increasing it to 100.