Lag in GPS control

So we all know what Lag is in games, it’s when you move the stick and nothing happens then after a mili sec it moves. At this time i getting lag when raising the stick and lowering it. Anyone know how to make it feel like the old version of firmware like 3.7 I mean 3.6x

ArduCopter 4.1.0 beta 6 should be very responsive. Which flight mode are you using? can you post logs?Oh, and by the way ArduCopter firmware 3.7 does not exist. 3.6.12 or 4.0.7 do.

I been testing since Nuttx. Thanks I mean 3.6. So after looking at my GPS i need to bolt it down more. what are you seeing I mean you do fly?

Well it not used to be now it lags and on two different crafts.

Which flight mode? Loiter? Can you post a log?

Loiter mode. Moving the stick up or down shows a noticeable lag in height. I expect the craft to drop and gain height with precision.

The wind seems to mess with the GPS as well with the motors over reaction with do respect.

Location one and the PRP

Also flying in Stabilize then switching into lotter makes the craft jump outside the smooth on two crafts. I going to tighten the GPS but the other craft the GPS is tight. I going to do more testing to see if it goes away.


Nice looking copter!

If you could fly the vehicle and re-create the problem, then download the onboard log and post it here that would be a great help.

Copter-4.1 should be just as responsive as earlier versions. A lot of things have changed including the addition of an I-term on the vertical velocity controller but it shouldn’t make it laggy.

I’m definitely not saying that Copter-4.1 is perfect though, we’ve certainly found and fixed many issues but there are still more to fix so very much appreciate your feedback.

Thanks! Hi Randy, I sent you a few logs last week via PM. I reported the GPS shakes a few weeks ago. My problem is not knowing how to tune out all the changes that have been made that is down grading performance in copter. Like loss of ground effect, loss of altitude in Loiter, loiter aggressive in the wind Lag in altitude control. Jumps switching from stabile to loiter and crashes when switching from GPS to Stabilize during a altitude drop. I make a very simple craft. I will a firmware change. oddly sometimes i just need to add more hrs and fly the bird more to acclimate. I sent my Logs to mRo and i got a clean review. However as soon as i engaged into Loiter mode I could feel something was a miss.

Horizonal seems ok once switched and engaged. engaging to loiter from stable jumps like it is calling breaking if that makes sense. At any point i tighten the GPS down and test it again.

A log would be helpful! Also a screenshot of the PIDs or a video how it behaves in air!
Does this issue happen on versions below 4.1?

Hi I sent my logs to mRo and Randy via a PM. they check out.

I have video that show some impressive GPS before January . I not sure what going on but I sure the guys will look into it.

I going to update the firmware…