hallo all

i have a hard time connecting the L9R AO(3.3V RSSI) to the mini osd

i use micro pixhawk as a FC so i don’t have I/O’s integrated in the board

the only option that i thought off is to take a PPM ENCODER and connect the receiver channels to it beside 1 channel, in this channel connect the rssi anlog output that the reciever has to arduino that will convert the anlog voltage to PWM and from the arduino go into the ENCODER …and from the encoder output to FC(micropix)


Hi Ofir,

Check this thread. https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?2630768-Micro-Pix-PX4-32-bit-Autopilot-Flight-Controller-V2-4-6/page7

I can confirm that it does wok.


this thread is about XM+ rx… i have it and it does work on channel 16
…but i asked about the L9R …i have micropix that doesen’t have any
analog inputs at all …

does the L9R can be flashed with a firmware the enable a rssi on channel 16
or any other channel ?

Assuming you have the micro pix the relevant part that applies to L9r:

RSSI is pin 4 (you need to set RSSI_ANA_PIN to 103 on Mission Planner)

micro pix doesnt have analog inputs …and the L9R gives 0-3.3 volts on his
rssi output

i dont understand what do you mean ?>

I tested it and it works. Pin 4 can work as analog or PWM input.