L3GD20 Failed!!!

I connected mpu9250 on external SPI port of Pixhawk, then L3GD20 failed. The firmware I used is copter-3.42. Anybody know about it? I will be appreciate if someone can help me.

What happens if you remove the external MPU9250? Does the L3GD20 work then?

yes, it work then, it is so strange!

It does seem strange. What length wires are you using to connect your external MPU9250?
Unless by selecting the external sensor, then the internal one is disabled? I am sorry I can’t help more.

It is about 15cm, If the external MPU9250 was removed,every thing is ok!
do you know whether the firmware of ardupilot v2 3.42 supply the external mpu9250?

I am sorry, I am not an expert on it. Is it possible to shorten the wires to say 5 cm for a test? The SPI bus can run at 20 MHz and there is a slight possibility that your wires to your external MPU9250 are causing unwanted reflections on the SPI bus which are affecting the onboard sensor.

That said I am not an expert on this!

I used a 5cm wire to test, it didn’t work.I really don’t know the reason of this problem, and I am very happy to get your help. Thank you very much anyway!:blush: