L1 Controller is very High Is it Normal?

Hi friends,

We tried to make our rover and we are trying to fing good values for system.

When our L1 period was low like 5-6 it was turning too much, waving. But when we make is high (30-40) It started to go in straight lines, good soft turnings etc.

and L1 damping is 0.75

I want to know that if values are normal for rover, because at rover page they say L1 period shpuld be 5-6 for rover systems.

Firat Dede

The NAVL1_PERIOD default value is 8 and can be set lower or higher depending on the attributes of your rover and the type of course you are trying to run.
Rover courses with straights and chicanes usually have better rover performance with values less than 8 while courses with mainly just straights usually have better rover performance with values greater than 8.
Also the STEER2SRV_ parameters can affect the quality and performance of the rover steering.