For anyone interested, I made a fork of the 2.3 KVTeam OSD and added SPort functionality to it.
It uses the current sensor pin to implement a software serial.

Connecting minimOSD to SPort:

  • minimOSD Current sensor pin (A1) to SPort signal pin with a 4.7k resistor in between
  • minimOSD ground pin to SPort ground pin

Works with X8R.
It’s still work in progress (need to convert the values transmitted to proper units).
I will be updating the code the following days (maybe some more sensor data, etc).

My setup:

  • Naze32 with VBAT and telemetry output enabled (the standard one, not the FrSky)
  • minimOSD connected to the Naze32 telemetry output
  • minimOSD relaying telemetry information (in my case only VBAT for now) to the X8R or any other SPort RX

Other changes:

  • reduced some buffers to save RAM
  • added cleanflight PID and RC configuration support
  • fixed some issue with saving PID/RC configuration in the FC