Kore mounting options

A few years ago I started to build a hexacopter using a Tarot 680 pro kit. After realizing I was in way over my head I moved to a Holybro S500 V2 quad kit that went much better. However the HB doesn’t have enough lift for my payload and a decent sized battery, so I’d like to try again with the 680 kit, possibly as a quad so I can use the extra arms with my payload. I have a couple of cube carriers including a Kore, which seems like it would be the way to go, but not sure how to go about mounting it. I’d like to mount it underneath the frame to make it easy to access my payload device. And I’m not sure about vibration dampening, does it need any?

Or would it make more sense to improve the Holybro kit? I could install larger motors and ESCs but larger props are probably going to interfere. And there’s not a whole lot of space to fit payloads either.