Kore Carrier Board - Users Feedback

Hello guys, I’m planning to simplify my drone build using Kore Carrier Board for cube black.

Currently I use the standard board carrier and I have to arrange PDB separately, which give me some nightmare, so in way to make everything simple, talking about PDB and less use of wires.

So I want to hear from currently user of this carrier, what are you guys feedback?

I have some questions:
-What if I need vibration damping?
-Does it worth?
-Is it trustable? Durable?


What do you think is the best build, standard carrier + PDB or Kore?

I’m really excited to hear all feedback from users (positive or even better, negative feedback)


Something that may be worth keeping an eye out for of this from Mauch. No known launch date yet but it’s in the works.

As for the Kore, there was some issues with early ones with a manufacturing thing but other than that Iv not seen any reports of problems. With regards to isolation the Cube is internally vibration isolated so your good hard mounting the carrier. If you were seeing excessive vibs than you could soft mount the Kore but really solving the issue would be the best practice.

Overall Iv not seen anything too negative on it posted.

Hello Ian, thanks for your reply, maybe the best thing is use the standard configs, like cube with some carrier + PDB.

What about that mauch carrier, whats new with it?

MadRC any more info on the Mauch carrier board? I’m torn between the Kore and a full Mauch PDB setup. Mauch I know and trust, the Kore is a very clean and simple setup but it’s a major component and I carry lidar on my copters so I need reliability.

We have been flying the kore on a 25kg quad used for aerial works. It has around 500 hours flight time and never a prob. We are using it with Hobbywing X8 power system and cube black.

I can’t recommend the Kore Carrier Board. You can read in other forums about issues. I tested three different… two with failures in the current sensor (replaced by HEX).

Also, some revisions had problems with NAVs LIGHTS ports and short circuits…
If it worked, it was a good and clean solution AIO…

The box does not include dumpers (Cube don’t need it), but be careful with vibrations when you 3d print an enclosure.