Kore Carrier Board resistor setup for battery monitor 2

Hi everyone:

we are interested in use the Kore carrier board for a compact drone setup.

we need to know if we have calculated the resistor value correctly.

the cubepilot site info says:

In order to use the BATT2_Volt_Sense pin, a user-selected resistor must be soldered to the board. Use the following equation to select the resistor value:

R= 3300 * V max - 10000

Where Vmax is the maximum voltage expected on this pin. R will be the resistance in Ohms. Once this value is calculated, a common through hole style resistor should soldered to the space labeled R46 on the bottom surface of the board

these calculations give us a resistor value of 66k ohm.

there will be correct for a 6s system?