Kontronik ESC initiate failure

Hi Guys, I’m using a Kontronik Kosmik 200HV ESC for the Heli. Normally if the ESC is connected to the battery with normal Rx, it will receive a pwm signal from it to pass the self-checking program with some beep sound. However, when I connect ESC to the controller CH8 port, turning on the controller and ESC, and released the safety switch, no pwm signal can be detected by ESC. After armed, also can not power the motor.
So my provisional solution to it is that I plug ESC to the Rx CH8 to cheat the ESC passing the self-checking, then change ESC from the Rx to the controller. Only by this way I can fly my Heli.
But, I would like to ask for help from you guys, How can I solve this problem without such an ESC cheating procedure?
PS: is it possible to let the controller to acquire the Kontronik ESC working data? The built-in data such as motor speed, battery voltage, current, used capacity, etc, seems more accurate for flight conferences.

You can either use the FrSky telemetry features from that ESC, or ask kontronik to work with us to provide a AP_ESC_Telem implementation.