KML-/GPX-Export not working properly for me

Hey guys,

I’m going to use my brand new H520 with E90 and CGOET for clima research projects in university context. So for me it’s very important to have the telemetry data in the gpx-format (or any other open format).
So far Misson Planner seems to be the only software to export tlog to gpx or kml.

The Problem: So far I have 34 tlog files and all of them work perfectly in GGroundcontrol and with of all the online tools (UAVToolbox etc.). Also in MP the txt- and csv-export works with all of this files and the graph-tool also shows everything correct. But only four or five of these files give me working gpx- and kml-files. Every file creates them but most of the output gpx and kml files are just empty (besides a header).

I have absolutely no idea what the problem is or what the difference between my tlog-files is. Anybody with the same issue?

If needed I could send working and not working tlog-files.

Thanks for your help!


34 log files? Might I suggest you look at scripting this?

If you search for “gpx” you will find some
gpx-converted-tlogs. They were created with here:

If nothing else, will give you another viewpoint on what’s up
with your conversion issues.

can you please post on of the tlogs that does not work?

Sure! Won’t you send me your email adress via PM so I could transmit some of the not working tlogs.

PM me a drop box location or similar

I can’t find any PM-button for my account. Is it possible I can’t do this as new user inside this forum?

Won’t you send me a PM so I can reply? I’ve created an onedrive link with some tlogs.