KML export not working

Been using the export KML for quite a while to do more complex flight planning. Currently when opening the exported KML from Mission planner to Google Earth, there’s only the above ground wayponts. What I really need is the path on the ground. In GE, the properties say the path is 0 meters. At first I thought is was GE, but seems to be a MP issue.

I’ve tried different installs of both Google Earth and Mission Planner with the same results. Checked for any firewall interference (shouldn’t be a problem since the waypoints are there)… Still no path.

Thanks Michael, the beta update fixed it!

what is the solution for that i am facing the same
pls let me know the problem

I am experiencing the same problem. I have created the mission and when I want to see the KML (actually to export the KML, so I can edit it later) it opens the chrome browser and loading the download for eternity (not successfully). Could please someone help to find a quick solution to this problem?
Thanx in advance