Kindle Fire

All attempts to install the APK onto my Kindle Fire haven’t worked. Being an Android OS, I thought the APK would install, but instead pops the error up telling me that it can’t “parse that package”. Is there a way to make DP work on a kindle?

I believe that the Kindle Fire has a proprietary operating system and not Android.

If its any consolation I had that error message on my Android tablet once but as I recall I threw out the downloaded app, downloaded it again from another source … then it worked.

Yep, I suspect its not the kindle. I had that a few times with third party apps. Have you tried emailing it to yourself and getting the apk onto the tablet that way?

From what I know the Kindle uses android as the base system, but it`s higly modified.

The first thing that you should check is to try using the google Maps app, since it uses the Maps API which is necessary for DroidPlanner to work.