Kinda disappointed

First off lemme start with saying that this is nothing personal, I’m sure you guys are a lovely, happy, helpful community. Just, it’s not what I was trying to find you know? lol

When I resorted to asking an online chat customer service rep for help finding what I needed to get my coax heli flying, when he seemed so sure that THIS PLACE was what I needed he had me convinced too! I was so excited to follow the URL he provided as I eagerly waited for the page to load so I could begin taking in info and hopefully getting some items in an online shopping cart that would finally get me airborne.

Then came the crushing realization that this was NOT what I was talking about when I spoke of my coax heli… :frowning:

Can anyone help me get where I’m actually trying to get? Cuz MY coax heli doesn’t have any FLAPS, nor does it utilize any SERVOS. It’s 2 mainblades with a swaybar controlling the swashplate, and a tailboom with a little motor+prop to tilt the heli forward to, you know, make it go forward… I have the complete airframe, motors, batteries, and a flysky ia6b/FS-i6X reciever/radio combo. I need a flight controller, brushed ESC’s for the motors, and I’ve read online maybe something called a gyro to hold tail lock? I’ve been totally stumped at finding any of it anywhere unfortunately…

In Ardupilot’s argo, SingleCopter and CoaxCopter are vehicles that are quite dissimilar to helicopters. These have one or two propellers aligned vertically, and airflow diverters (known as “flaps”) to shape the flow.

A “traditional helicopter” is a different class, and since it has a “dual rotor” or “tandem rotor” helicopter frame type and corresponding sections, I think this is what you are looking for. Here is the entry point for the parameters regarding multiple supported types of helicopters.

(Unfortunately, I am not proficient in helicopters, so I cannot really help you further on)