Keeping magnetometer heading without GPS in 4.3.7?

Hey all,
Curious if there’s any way to tell a plane to keep a specific magnetometer heading when loss of GPS occurs. I’m flying a mission on a long, straight road that is surrounded by mountains, and I occasionally lose GPS and the plane climbs out and loiters until it re-gains satellites… Is there any way to tell the cube to just ignore the loss of GPS and continue on its straight path?


This might be useful: Advanced Failsafe Configuration — Plane documentation

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Thanks, I’m familiar with the AFS, I’m just wondering if there’s a system or param that will tell the cube to follow a specific magnetometer heading despite losing all GPS. It would be great if the plane could follow that heading until a specific time elapses but that’s not a huge deal… I just don’t want it to go into a loiter or take any actions upon GPS loss other than “follow this heading until I say so”.