Keep those T200 thrusters going

Each scan seems to bring new challenges. Usually in the form of debris lol. Logs, sticks, rocks, weeds and such. Finally printed up some guards and added some 3mm carbon fins to protect the thruster from larger hits. It all pops off pretty quick so you can clean out the magnetic sand accumulation (tailing ponds):joy:

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Nicely done. Debris in the water really can be a pain in the *** for the thrusters. I had the same problem in the beginning.

Since I made a propguard I never had problems anymore. Although I made them from metal wired mesh, since I don’t own a 3d printer.

smart use of mesh, those 3d printed ones look sweet.

Regarding the t200’s I was looking at using them in an electric 12ft jon boat. do you think 2 or three would push the 600 lbs?

Can you share the stl? I ended up buying some injection moulded ones for a bait boat and modifying them

Just put them up.


Getting a 404 on that

Link looks the same but it works.

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Any special instructions (parameters) to print those supports?


Just go support everywhere. Takes a while, but worth it. Make sure you support distance in .2. My Prusa slicer defaults to .1, not fun when you forget.