KDECAN telemetry not working in 4.3+ series firmware

Hi all,

Just wanted to report an issue I ran into. I recently started integrating the KDE-UAS40UVC ESC into my ArduCopter Orange Cube+ builds. This ESC uses CAN to communicate RPM and other telemetry.

I could not get the telem to display for each ESC. After beating my head on the wall for a week I figured out that Arducopter 4.3+ will not recognize the KDECAN’s. Once I downgraded to 4.2.3 I had no issues for Orangecube and Orangecube+ Not sure if anyone else has seen this. Dropping this tidbit here.

The error I received was “KDECAN: too few ESCs detected (0 of 6).” This along with no ESC telem but I could still arm the motors and test them.

Thanks for the report.

I’ve added this to the 4.3 issues list so it won’t be forgotten. Also it looks like the KDE people have raised an issue here.