KDE ESC Canbus systems

Been working on a quad copter that I need canbus working on. I have a pixhawk 2.1 and UAS 125UVC HE ESC from KDE direct. I followed both the KDE directions and ardupilot guide on how to set up the canbus system, but I’m still getting nothing in mission planner, except for an error saying not enough KDE ESCs are connected. It’s not setup on the drone yet, and I’m still waiting for my telemetry device so I just have the cube plugged into my laptop through a usb. I’m new to drones, so any trouble shooting advice would be greatly appreciated!

You need to power the system using batteries and re-test

I have each KDE ESC being powered with a 6s Lipo battery and my pixhawk 2.1 being powered with a 4s lipo battery.

post a bin log (and LOG_DISARM ==1) and pictures of your setup

Did you go through the KDECAN Pixhawk Quickstart (PDF)?

(Make sure this is the guide for your model, better yet, look up the appropriate quickstart guide on KDE website for your model)

My computer is telling me the files are too large, do you have an email I could send them to? and heres the picture of the setup, ignore the GPS, it’s not plugged in, I was just testing the canbus system with that to see if it was an issue there, but I was able to get canbus functioning with the GPS.

Yeah, I’ve followed that guide and ardupilots, I was able to get canbus functioning for a GPS, just not for these ESCs