Kde direct ESC's, The cube and AUX OUT

I recently purchased KDE direct ESC’s KDEXF-UAS35HVC 35A+HV for a Tarot X6 that I am working on, I read the docs on DShot and BLHeli ESC’s and was wondering if because the KDE ESC’s use DShot would I also have to connect them to the AUX OUT ports also? KDE’s instructions say connect them to the SERVO out and connect a 5-6v ubec to port 7, What would be the best way to connect them?


Where do you see they use Dshot? The documentation for connection to the cube suggests setting the protocol to Oneshot and use the Main outputs.

I went through the documentation again and you are correct they do use OneShot and not DShot.

Thanks for pointing that out.