Kakute Holybro 1.5 F7 AIO range sensors

Hello All,

I’m building drone based on Kakute Holybro 1.5 F7 AIO flight controller.
Currently besides FC I’ve add raspberry pi for telemetry via gsm.
There is also GPS + compass so the loiter mode works very well, and FPV camera.

Now I would like to improve holding position of my drone by adding some additional sensors like lidar or/and optical flow.
I know from documentation that due to fc board limitation not everything in ardupilot will work. So there is a question

  1. Can I install for example via i2c some sensors and they will work ?
  2. I was advised by @amilcarlucas to use custom.arupilot.org however Im not sure which of those modules are mandatory to be used, and which are optional ?

thanks for support

As far as I know all are optional. Select just the ones you need, and cross your fingers.

Google tells me the documentation is here: GSoC 2021 - Custom Firmware Builder

I have a Benewake Luna “lidar” on a UART on Kakute F7 AIO 1.5, and it works.

@amilcarlucas and @UnknownPilot same satup but i have kakutef7 v1.2 and matek 3901 opflow i was read all things to know whats make happen but seems like something missing anyone tell me how can i manage this sensor to work ?

It will very helpful :slightly_smiling_face: