Kakute h7 - gps and radio problem

hi i am use kakute h7
with reciver - r8pro archer from frsky
and gps moudel - M10 gep-m10-DQ

i got 2 problem:

  1. i didnt get the rc when i try to do radio control - i think i connect the tx to the rx so i try swap from mission planer but still dont get the radio (TX6)
  2. have problem with thw gps -
    07/04/2024 15:25:14 : Config Error: Baro: unable to initialise driver
    07/04/2024 15:25:13 : Config Error: fix problem then reboot
    ArduCopter V4.5.0 - this is the version

add here the param of the drone
param.param (17.7 KB)

thanks for the help

Hi @naorwaiss,

Thanks for the report. Is this a new board that you’re setting up for the first time or is this one you’re upgrading from 4.4.4?

If it is a new board I wonder if I could ask you install Copter-4.4.4 (the previous stable) so that we can confirm whether this is a new issue with 4.5.0 or a hardware or configuration issue?

Also please note that there’s both a KakuteH7 and a KakuteH7v2. I’m not sure which you’ve got but I imagine the difference between these two boards might be the barometer which appears to be the issue.

ok i change to 4.4.4
this isnt help with the the other issue

Hi @naorwaiss,

OK, so I think you’re saying that rolling back to 4.4.4 did not resolve the startup problem with the board.

Copter-4.4.4 is very stable and we support both V1 and V2 versions of the board so I think this cannot be an ArduPilot software problem.

I think it would be good to remove all peripherals from the board and try again to be sure that the issue is not caused by the PC not being able to provide sufficient power over the USB.

If this doesn’t help then I think there is a high chance that the autopilot is defective or damaged.

Sorry, I wish I had better news.

ok i put the copter 4.4.4 and then disconect the gep m10 dx (gps dongle) then i do all the calibrate and when the drone get energy from battery i conect again the gps dongle
now i get read from the gps but the bro say that have problem
if i desconect the gps dongle the baro be ok and if i reboot and start it from zero when all conect the problem with the (07/04/2024 15:25:14 : Config Error: Baro: unable to initialise driver
07/04/2024 15:25:13 : Config Error: fix problem then reboot) arive again

Hi @naorwaiss,

I think you are saying that the barometer works if the GPS is disconnected but as soon as you plug in the GPS the baro stops working.

The GPS perhaps also includes a compass which uses I2C and the KakuteH7’s barometer is also on I2C so maybe the issue is that the GPS’s compass is broken or the I2C wires are damaged.