Kakute F7 (not AIO) ArduBoat support

Lakes are thawing in New Hampshire and I’m starting to put together a new ArduBoat for the season with some spare quad parts but I’m a bit rusty and it looks like a lot of things have changed and need a little guidance to get me started.

I have a Kakute F7 (not AIO) flight controller and am hoping to load ArduRover 3.5 for use in an ArduBoat. The latest release shows support for Kakute F4 but not F7, does anyone know if F7 is also supported?

Also…can anyone link me to a how-to for loading ArduRover firmware onto a non-pixhawk FC?


Blade RC Boat


Runcam Micro Swift 3 600TVL CCD FPV Camera w/ Cam Control

Holybro Micro M8N GPS Module

Holybro 100mW Transceiver Telemetry Radio Set V3 (915Mhz)

Benewake TF02 LIDAR LED Rangefinder IP65 (22 m)


I can’t help with the answer but I want to thank you for sharing your bill of materials, a great help!

Instructions for loading the firmware on “ChibiOS-only” boards is here. “ChibiOS-only” is not a great name for these new boards but we haven’t thought of another name for all the non-Pixhawk/non-Linux boards that we support.

I suspect the KakuteF7 (not AIO) will work but I’m not actually sure. We should update the wiki once we find out. There is a directory called “KakuteF7” on our firmware server.

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Thanks for the help. Might help to add this link to the Hardware options. It’s a bit confusing on the page since it is listed as hardware options for ArduRover then has a note that says “supported with copter 3.6.0 and higher”

Anyways, still having issues. I have the driver installed but cannot find DFU under the BetaFlight dropdown. I tried starting BF while FC is in DFU mode, rebooting computer, plugging in FC wile BF is open. Will try on my Windows 10 computer later at work.

I’m using windows 7, BF config 10.4.1, and device shows up on device manager as STM device in DF mode.

have you used zadig to update the driver?

Yes, updated with Zadig.

“DFU” is normally a button (I think) on the hardware - so it’s not an option in the beta flight firmware loading app.

There’s a bit of info at the bottom of the wiki page. Something about holding down a button while plugging in the USB cable. Perhaps this will help

The screenshot of BF configurator on the ardupilot chibios setup page shows a DFU option on the drop down. The FC was plugged in while the button was depressed and the boards LED was solid indicating it’s in DFU mode.

I got everything setup but was hoping to use a SiK radio on the FC. It does not look like the Kakute has CTS/RTS pins so is there anyway to get a wireless mavlink connection on these flight controllers?

you dont need CTS/RTX just use tx and rx

Alright, making a little progress here. I have the motor/rudder/FPVcam/OSD/GPS working but have a few other things I need help with.

I am getting a batt voltage of 4.47 volts and my battery is at 3.72/cell (11.2 total). I set the params to:


Also, I like using channel 7 as arm/disarm button. I see MP now has multiple drop down for other channels as well but they are not populated with options to select an action. I set RC7 to 3 in the params but it did not map 7 for arm/disarm. I have arming_req to 1, arming_check 0.

See default battery params here

don’t do that the checks are there for a reason

on master it would be RC7_OPTION to 41 for arm disarm, but I’m not sure if you will have the RCx_OPTION parameters or not

I just set arming_check to 0 to test if that was the issue.

My params show 3 as arm/disarm


Right…go ahead and state the obvious. Thanks. Was using the aux func docs page which I guess needs updated.

I used MPs BattVolt Monitor utility and was able to calibrate the voltage divider for my 3S pack.