Kakute F7 mini servo out compatibility

I’m controlling a release mechanism with a servo on a kakute mini. When I tried to use servo5 it made the servo hot and made it go to it’s endpoint. When I used servo6 instead, it works perfectly. Has anyone else experienced this with a kakute mini? I’d think that servo5 and servo6 should behave the same way.

When you say servo5/6 you mean the extra RCOUT pads? No idea if that’s the case. I suspect you are the first to try this.

5 is on the same group as 4 - I suspect that means you can’t use anything other than PWM on motor 4 if you want 5 to work. 6 is separate. i.e. if you are using DShot 5 won’t work but 6 will.

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That answers my question, as I am using DSHOT. Thanks!