Kakute f7 HDV with DJI Digital system support

I was told over at RCGroup to ditch Betaflight for Ardupilot because my quad is a large 850 camera type and I cant get it to fly right with Betaflight. I was told Audupilot supported my flight controller (Kakute f7 HDV) but looking around I cant see any talk around here about it.

Kakute F7 both AIO and non AIO are supported and that target should work for that board. I don’t know about the HDV functionality.

I cant just flash something thats close enough. The “HDV” version is a newer board and doesn’t even look like those boards. Someone help me? I cant buy another FC…

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I know it’s a newer board but the IMU is supported. A simailr issue came up recently regarding the Kakute F7 V1.5. It’s newer too but it runs fine on the Kakuet F7 AIO target. Try it.

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ok thanks for the support. Do I use the firmware KakuteF7 or one the others listed as mini or heli? I dont care to brick it… Im about sick of my whole build thats been finished for 5 months and dosent fly :frowning:

Heli is for Traditional Helicopter not multirotor so not that one. And I don’t think you want the mini either so that leaves one.

I don’t know if this is relevant to ArduCopter, but just in case … the Kakute F7 HDV board doesn’t have a max7456 chip. This caused problems in Betaflight which was expecting the chip to be there. There’s now a config parameter to disable looking for the chip.

Did anyone have any luck with the F7 HDV board? @Racing4funn

Has anyone tried Ardupilot on the F7 HDV board? Thank you!

Why don’t you just flash the Kakute F7 target and try it? This one:

Kakute F7

I have not purchased a board… I will get one if Ardupilot is known to work on it…

Ah, OK. There has been a couple posts about them but no one to my knowledge has said it’s working with an available target.

Reply from HolyBro:

HolyBro Kakutef7 HDV is compatible with ardupilot but it does not support OSD.

The only difference between Kakute F7 HDV and kakute f7 v1.5 is that Kakute F7 HDV does not have the analog OSD chip. They have the same pin map, so they can run the same firmware.