Kakute F7 AIO ---- Power Problem

Hi there All

I have finally received all the bits and pieces for my tricopter build — plugged in the battery for the first time and the greeting was a little puff of white smoke! I cannot be sure from whence it came, but I suspect the FC.

Following power-down and inspection I notice the following:

Shunt resistor on the FC is hot to the touch ---- I.E. some serious current is flowing
No obvious injured components / shorts visible
When powered up again the FC, and FPV can appear to have no power
ESC’s and VTx are powered
When plugging in USB I the FC powers up and works fine, as does the FPV cam

My suspicion is thus that Schottky diode / regulator has blown.

Further, there is continuity between the GND and 5V+ pins on the Kakute F7 AIO.

Has anyone here experienced something similar / know where on this board I could find the offending components in lieu of replacing them?


Hi @doceave ,

I am having the same issue that you are describing. Plugged the battery and got the smoke. Afterwards the vTX does not work. Just checked the 5V and GND and appear to have continuity.

I identified that the smoked comes from an inductor next to the USB port (looks like a big silver square).

Did you figure out what was the problem or how to fix it?