Kakute f7 aio mpu6000

holibro kakute f7 aio
quad 250

  • Weight 1000 grams (2 lbs)

The problem is vibration, ECF error, GPS failure, dispersion error, but according to the logs, the vibrations are small.
I just can’t handle this problem. What I just didn’t do …
I decided to solder the gyroscope, remove the ICM 20689 and solder the mpu6000. but it didn’t work, tell me why ???

What didn’t work? Was your IMU transplant successful? After the IMU swap, was it able to fly but vibrations still bad, or did it not ‘work’ at all?

it didn’t work like that, although the soldering was successful.
do they have the same connection?

The pinout appears to be the same…
Did you replace the IC itself, or the carrier board?

replaced the chip, but the datasheet is a little different

I think all the pins we use are the same, but I don’t know for sure.

Maybe it’s an issue w/ the HWDEF not loading the drivers for the 6000? I’m not sure, though, because both the mpu6000 and icm20689 are mentioned in the kakute hwdef.

Maybe someone w/ more experience w/ the code will have more information.

I downloaded betaflight. for verification and did not work.

by the way version 1.5 has mpu6000.
and this version 1.3

I wonder if the kakute 1.5 IMU board (mpu6000) will plug in to the 1.3 verson?

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And can you look at the log that I provided?

The imu’s use the same driver. But the sampling rate is limited on the 6000.

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very good, but their physical connection is the same? I doubt

The sensor runs on SPI, and from your figure, the pins needed are:
nCS, sclk, mosi, miso (ncs, sclk, sdi, sd0 respectively)
For mpu6000 the pins are:
nCS - 8
sclk - 23
mosi -24
miso - 9
For mpu20689 the pins are:
nCS - 22
sclk - 23
mosi -24
miso - 9

It appears that pin for nCS is different based on your figures.

Just an FYI. From this site http://blog.cdiweb.com/2017/07/21/tdk-invensense-nrnd-replacement-parts/ it says " If you are using the MPU-6000 or the MPU-6050 motion sensors, the move to the newer sensor is easy, as the replacement device, the ICM-20689 is pin-to-pin compatible as long as the user is not using the Auxiliary I2C bus. There is no Auxiliary I2C bus on the ICM-20689.

In general, the photo shows where what to cut and where to connect, checked on the firmware stable and beta.This is an instruction on how to remake version 1.3 to 1.5. replace the gyroscope with mpu6000


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That’s awesome!
I want to swap the IMU on my kakute mini, but it is soldered to the flight controller itself, and I think it’s too risky to try…

This can be done by removing the processor leg from the board and soldering directly to the gyroscope.